Application Development and Application Maintenance

Software applications and solutions are becoming an inseparable part of private and public organizations today, as more and more businesses begin to depend on the IT framework to deliver better performance and enhance customer service. The problem with business applications is that they do not have a one-size-fits-all solution due to the varying needs, processes, limitations and budgets of various industries. Also, IT solutions have evolved from their basic operational frameworks during their early days to innovative cutting-edge solutions that set a brand apart from its competitors today. The ever-evolving nature of the technological landscape and business requirements means that you either have your applications grow along with it, or prepare to get sidelined by tech-savvy competitors; when you have a trusted ADM service provider like SanQuest,Inc, you naturally find yourself among the likes of the former.

Why us?

There are certain tell-tale signs that reveal that it is time to revisit your enterprise applications. Some of them include :

  • Lack of clarity in alignment of enterprise applications with goals and requirements
  • Time, cost and resource constraints that make it difficult to integrate existing applications with multiple environments and platforms
  • Failure to identify application failure and associated downtime beforehand, incapability in responding and recovering quickly to such incidents
  • Rigid applications that cannot be modified to changing demands of the business ad industry
  • Customer and client complaints on performance issues of the application, and resulting dissatisfaction
  • Non-compliance with regulations and norms If you can identify with any of the above, then it’s time you looked at a reliable IT services company like SanQuest,Inc to assist you. At SanQuest,Inc, we orchestrate IT solutions to match the needs of your business, offering full life-cycle IT solutions from development to maintenance of applications. Choosing the right IT solutions can help maximize efficiency and limit operational costs. In fact, costs can be cut by over 50 percent when your application development and management modules are optimized right. At SanQuest,Inc, our skilled technicians strive to offer cost and time-effective applications that are in line with your business goals and help bridge functional gaps at the same time. We have offered end-to-end application management solutions that help solve complex processes, limit risks, enhance ROI, support business growth, and more. Partnering with us means that you have the experience and expertise of someone whose portfolio includes CRM supplication, e-commerce portals, content management and work-flow solutions, business integration platforms, and enabling legacy applications, to name a few.

Here are some services that we offer:

  • Application development: We can design, develop, integrate, implement and manage custom IT applications that target your business requirements. Our experience in technologies includes SAP, SQL, Microsoft .NET, Oracle, PHP, Java, Microsoft SharePoint, Cold Fusion, and many others.
  • Application migration: We can help modernize legacy applications to more strategic and newer platforms. We ensure that the functionality and process flow aspects are kept intact, while enhancing the application with futuristic solutions.
  • Application outsourcing: We can handle all your application maintenance and support requirements so you can focus on your core strengths and goals.
  • Application enhancement: We understand that there are needs of upgradation and enhancement that arise with any application, whether it is for security reasons or to be in line with your business’s scaling movements. We can re-structure your current application and weave in new features based on the requirements, so your business applications are progressive and effective.